October 21, 2016

Frequently Asked Questions

Ergonomics is the science of fitting jobs to people. It focuses on creating a match between workstations, tools, and job demands, with the goal of promoting health and optimal human performance.
Many overuse injuries will never show up on your OSHA log, but will cost your organization money anyway. According to most estimates, indirect costs are five to seven times greater than direct costs. These indirect costs include absenteeism, lost productivity, increased medical insurance premiums, additional training, overtime payments and employee turnover.
Studies show that employees don’t always know how to use equipment properly. In many cases, we can make modifications without recommending new products. Our goal is to show your employees how to effectively use the equipment you already have.
Studies show that employee discomfort is the most reliable warning of a pending overuse injury. We use proactive employee discomfort surveys to gather data in order to identify people with the greatest risk of injury.
We can identify and target the employees at greatest risk of injury and take proactive steps to mitigate the factors underlying those potential injuries. We offer several types of office workstation assessments.
We recognize that each workplace is unique. We can partner with you to develop a program that fits your organizational culture, industry and workforce.
A job demand analysis is the first step in identifying essential job functions, writing a functional job description, planning for return to work or developing a pre-employment assessment. Medical and case-management decisions can then be based upon an appreciation of the actual physical job demands.
We will be glad to start with a site visit to discuss your concerns. Working together, we will determine opportunities beneficial to the cost savings of an ergonomic approach. Our background and experience has afforded us the opportunity to bring our expertise to diverse workplaces. We have worked closely with our clients to understand their business and work environment. In turn, individual custom solutions are designed, which implement sensible work injury prevention plans. We offer a full spectrum of injury risk management solutions.

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